Streamlining a company’s message through a website redesign.

Code Works collaborated closely with enFocus on a website design specifically tailored to effectively tell the client’s story with an integrated blog, lightweight CMS, and connection to their CRM.

Web Development | Web Design | CRM | CMS

enFocus is a company dedicated to empowering talent to solve the challenging problems in Northern Indiana. Through empowering talent and giving them ownership over these complex problems, enFocus has been able to retain some of the brightest minds in our region.

enFocus came to Code Works looking for a new website that would effectively communicate its complex mission. Furthermore, they were looking…

We’ve seen an interesting trend of clients being hesitant to charge their customers online. It’s the fear of rejection. What if I scare the customer away?

But the truth is, it’s possibly more valuable to you than anything else you can do when running a business.

You can learn a lot from a scenario where people are not paying you for your product yet. This type of learning is not solely negative like many people fear.

Just because your product or service is not selling online does not mean that the experience is not valuable. …

Sometimes, it’s hard knowing what to include on your website. Here are a few tips for getting started:

This is the text for your website that provides information and context for the customer. The main goal here is to think about what information is going to be most helpful to your customer to include on your site. We recommend including the following:

  • About Me — Ask yourself what is the main message you want your audience to take away? If your audience only saw one message and could complete one action (which would be the main “call to action”), what…

Web Development | SaaS | Payment Processing | e-Signing

Code Works developed a low cost and highly scalable fully managed backend platform using Firebase to accelerate application development along with Stripe, SendGrid, and SignRequest to personalize the property value reassessment process.

Web Development | SaaS | Payment Processing | e-Signing

Beth Szweda, the owner of Correct Property Tax LLC, believed that the process of property value reassessments could be automated.

Beth has been in the business of property value reassessment for decades. After spending 10 years as a Deputy Assessor and 2 more years working as a tax consultant, she started her own firm in 2000. …

A straightforward path to going digital.

Digital strategies are more important than ever. The lifeblood of any business is sales, and in order for a business to survive, it has to find new ways to sell.

We want to set some expectations before we jump in:

The first thing we want to say is that there isn’t going to be an overnight game-changer for you when it comes to online sales. The pandemic has shown us just how vulnerable businesses lacking an online presence can be.

Getting yourself into the position to bolster your online presence is a solid long-term investment, but it is important to…

Our team has partnered with the City of South Bend to provide grants designed to help local businesses develop or enhance their online presence—whether they have no current online presence, are just starting to employ more digital capabilities, or are seeking more advanced support. Our goal is to work with businesses that could benefit from a technical partner, but may not have had the time or funding to consider it to-date. Any South Bend-based businesses are welcome to apply.

The technology work is provided by our team, Code Works. Code Works is a digital product studio, meaning that we build…

When it comes to finding a payroll processing system for small businesses, we recommend Gusto.

We’ve worked with a lot of founders over the years. One question that entrepreneurs typically have when they’re growing their businesses is “how am I going to run payroll?”. It’s a valid question and can turn cumbersome pretty quickly. It’s also a question that we had to ask ourselves.

In 2016, we were looking to make our first hire and needed a payroll processing system. We found Gusto, our current payroll processing platform, after a quick Google search. …

What Non-Technical Founders Should Know About Technology

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We design and develop tech solutions for clients with digital needs. Whether it’s platform development, web design, design/content creation, digital marketing, or data solutions, Code Works is here to help.

We’ve met a lot of founders who have great ideas and are looking to use technology to bring them to life. Many lack the technical experience and/or technical cofounder to build their idea and are left feeling like they don’t know where to start.

The formula always seems simple enough:

Validated Business Idea + Scalable Technology = High Growth

Even though this seems simple, we all know that the simple…

Code Works

Code Works is a digital product studio with an established software development team that works on building technology products and services.

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